Slowly But Surely

15 Jul

Things are moving along here at Mac Kids. Ladybug had her PICC line put in on Thursday afternoon, it was a huge relief and meant no more pokes for daily blood work and no new IV lines. It also couldn’t have come at a better time as 2 of the 3 IV lines were kaput as of that morning. 

This is Ladybug waiting quietly for her turn to get the PICC. Her eyes are as big as the penguins. 

This morning she started on 10mls per hour of Pedialyte – this is big news as it means we are almost in the home stretch. Next steps are to slowly increase the rate and then in a couple days (providing the pedialyte is tolerated) add her formula. Once this is tolerated at a normal rate, the Mic-Key button will be put back in and fingers crossed we will be good to go. This next process, providing all goes smoothly, will take around a week. 

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