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The Accessible Rockton World’s Fair

6 Oct

There is no question that my absolute favourite time of year is autumn.  The crisp air, the breathtaking colours of the trees, chai lattes, and last but not least The Rockton World’s Fair.

You see, The Rockton Fair has been a integral part of my life since I was an infant. My family, like so many in rural Flamborough relate Thanksgiving Weekend to Rockton Fair Weekend. For most of the farm kids it’s a chance to show off everything you’ve learned in 4-H. As a farmer’s daughter myself I was involved in the Flamborough 4-H Dairy Calf Club and looked forward to the fair almost more than Christmas.

When I became a mom the excitement for Rockton Fair time was just as strong.  I couldn’t wait for Ladybug to experience the lights, sounds and smells.  The first year she spent in the hospital but has been every year since.  This was Ladybug last year at the Heavy Horse Show – 6 horse hitch classic.  Which is incredible to watch and runs on Monday October 13th at 1:45 p.m.


The accessibility of our amazing fair never really occurred to me until I had a daughter who needed a wheelchair. If I was walking around the fair myself, it was an acrobatics act just to open a heavy door and hold it open long enough to get through.  Not to mention trying to get a wheelchair over rails on the ground to watch the 4-H shows. I couldn’t even imagine someone trying to maneuver their way in a power wheelchair.  Between this and the lack of wheelchair accessible parking spots on the fairgrounds I knew something had to be done.  There was no point in getting frustrated over everything – I needed to take matters into my own hands.  That is exactly what I did.

I spoke to a key board member with the Rockton Agricultural Society (RAS) who knows first hand how challenging accessibility can be, and together we spearheaded the Accessibility Committee.

It will be a piece by piece transition to becoming as fully accessible as a rural fair can be, but I’m so extremely proud that I had a role in starting all of it.  This year bathrooms have been rebuilt to be fully wheelchair accessible in the office building, many more wheelchair parking spots have been added (my personal quest), and power doors in the main office entrance.  This is just the beginning my friends.  The RAS is in the process of having a brand new sound system put in for the hearing impaired, more power doors will be installed, and I’m hoping to come up with a solution by next year to make the show barn more accessible to those with wheelchairs, walkers and even strollers.

The Rockton World’s Fair has been and will always be my Thanksgiving Weekend. I would absolutely love for all of you to head out to Rockton and see why it’s so special to me and so many other people.


I also welcome input good and bad on how accessible you find the fair.  Even if you don’t have a disability, if there is something you think I can help with please let me know.  You can reach me here.

Hope to see everyone there.