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3 Years and Thriving!

23 Aug

It’s almost unimaginable to think that 3 years ago today I joined the blogging world. What’s even more incredible is how far not only my little Ladybug has come but how far I have come.  3 years ago I was struggling with the biggest fear of all – possibly losing my baby girl. Ladybug was so fragile and so sick, all I wanted was a little a peace of mind. I tend to keep my emotions inside until I can comprehend and make sense of everything, but I was becoming so overwhelmed. I knew I needed an outlet and it was on August 23, 2010 I found mine. Beginnings. 

Today for the first time since Ladybugs Mic-Key G-Tube was put in, it came out.  The nurse brought Ladybug to me in one arm and the Mic-Key in the other. The inflatable balloon portion was still inflated. All that went through my mind was I can’t let the hole close up. I went into super mom mode grabbed Ladybug, grabbed a spare tube set, took off her dress and saw for the first time this teeny tiny, itty bitty hole where the tube should be. I had a dear friend whose daughter also has a Mic-Key briefly talk about how she has had to put a new tube in at the craziest of times so I tried to remember what to do. I picked up the shiny new Mic-Key and after a little bit of wiggling I popped it right back into the hole, then inflated the balloon with sterile water to hopefully keep this sucker in its place.

After all was said and done and many cuddles were given I looked down at the old tube still inflated and my heart broke. It must have hurt so much, but my little Ladybug calmed as soon as I began to put the new tube in.

3 years ago I never could have imagined changing a G-Tube let alone changing one by myself.  At that point I was still grasping bolus feeds with a 60CC syringe through her NG tube and we were months away from getting her CDG diagnosis.

Ladybug has been doing quite well and will be starting school part-time this September. The time has flown by and I am ever so excited to see what new adventures the next 3 years will bring. I’m sure by then I’ll be able to change a Mic-Key tube with my eyes closed, one hand behind my back, and balancing on one leg.




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Pembe Bear

12 Mar

Tonight Ladybug helped me pack her very special hospital bag.  The bag was filled with necessities like diapers, wipes, pj’s, and a cuddly blanket. There was one more item in this bag that is by far the most important – it is a very special little bear known in our house as Pembe Bear.  Now Pembe bear has been with Ladybug since she was first-born, it is always by her side during each and every hospital stay, and even has its own medical bracelet to match Ladybugs.


Just in case you were wondering, Pembe is Pink in Turkish.  It was one of the first words I picked up when I lived in Turkey, well that and Otur which means sit down.  As a kindergarten teacher this came in very handy with a class full of 4/5 year olds.

Back to Pembe Bear – PB has never missed a hospital stay or surgery and tomorrow Ladybug is scheduled for surgery.  Her PEG G-Tube will be replaced with a “big girl” Mic-Key G-Tube, and if all goes well and they are able to find a good line Ladybugs Port-a-Cath will be removed completely. If they aren’t able to find a good line there is a chance a new port-a-cath will be put in its place. I’m obviously hoping for the first.

I will be sure to post updates after the surgery.