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Our Little Fish

1 Aug

The older I get the more I find that summer just  isn’t what it used to be. No longer can I play all day outside, ride bikes with a good friend to the country store for candy, or swim for hours in our pool until I’m shrivelled like a prune.

Aside from the drought like temperature, summer now-a-days seems to blend in with the rest of the year.  However, now I have the amazing gift of watching Ladybug enjoy many of the same activities that I did as a child.

We have discovered that she LOVES anything to do with water. Especially the sprinkler. I’m pretty sure the neighbours have discovered this as well as Ladybug laughs and babbles non stop every time those drops of water land on her face. Because of Ladybug’s port and g-tube we’ve had to be very careful with water play in the past – now that the port isn’t permanently accessed and the g-tube has healed she is free to go swimming in pools. (No lakes, ponds or rivers though, far too much bacteria especially for kiddies with G-I issues) And…..thanks to our FABULOUS neighbours we now have a pool to use when ever we would like.

Now, with the added help of the SwimWays Baby Float (which I love), Ladybug can kick and float around the pool on her own. She is always kicking her little legs even on land so it’s incredible to see her face when she realizes she can kick and move around in the pool.  I’m definitely thinking we’ve got a future Olympian in the house.

Here’s a little video clip of Ladybug’s first time in the pool. The video isn’t exactly motion picture quality – it was initially over 20 minutes long and at times comparable to the Aquarium channel on television. It’s a tad choppy but I’ve managed to collect a few of my favourite moments to share.  Our Little Fish