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Looking Back

31 Dec

It’s hard to believe it has been 2 years since we were blessed with our little ladybug. Sitting here writing on the eve before a new year begins I can’t get over how far she has come. The milestones are still occurring – her head control is increasing every day, her cute little chatter that only a few can interpret is now starting to form into “Ma” “Na” and “Ga” sounds, and she is now 2 years old and an astonishing 16 lbs.

There have been so many ups and downs thus far – let me tell you the thrill of her first common ear infection has long since gone. Currently my little ladybug is fighting off her 3rd in a little over a month. This one is by far the worst. It is still to this day so upsetting to think about how much pain such a tiny little girl is enduring and has had to endure in her 2 years of life so far. Like most parents I wish I could take all her pain away, sadly all I can do is cuddle her through the screaming and tears and tell her every moment I get how much I love her. However, this ear infection like everything else she has been through will pass and we will get to see our happy little bug again.

Within these 2 years our little ladybug has learned exactly what she needs to do to get attention – crying…. no, not her style,  throwing things…not yet, grinding teeth…ding ding ding.  At first it was an instant gratification for her teething then that cute little mind put two and two together and discovered how when she would grind her teeth we would give her a teether, massage her cheeks, or sing songs.  So now if she is playing in her “Little Room” newly made by ladybugs Nana and Papa, or chillin’ in her bean bag chair and wants our attention she just has to grind her teeth. Especially since it is reminiscent of nails on a chalk board at times. It has become quite the little game. And I love every single second. It is just one more bit of proof that she understands cause and effect. Ladybug has even made her television debut and was featured in Where Dreams Take Flight.

Little Ladybug Hugs has given me such a wonderful opportunity to express things I could never do in person right from the beginning. I  know people wanted to hear how she was doing during her many hospital stays, but so often I couldn’t muster the strength to say a word without bursting into tears. Whereas the words flow with ease when I’m writing.

I’ve learned that even if one bad seed wants to make herself feel better by saying hurtful things,  I can never truly move on without forgiving her – which I have. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha
What matters the most is the crazy huge wonderful outpour of well wishes I received after writing A First For Everything.

The post that has had the greatest impact on me was in the midst of ladybugs gi bleed – Perspective. No matter how bad things may seem at any point in time there is someone else who is going through so much more. “Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Great Battle” – Plato

During these past two years we have come across several amazing doctors – they had completely restored my faith that not every new resident is a narcissistic arrogant ass. These two doctors that I wrote about in Mensch and And…We’re Home  are what doctors should be – our health care system desperately needs more. If I had the money and my ladybugs health was stable enough my ultimate dream would be to one day go to medical school and follow in Dr. Levy and Dr. Nayar’s footsteps and become the type of doctor that listens to parents and would never underestamate the knowledge they have….perhaps one day.

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Wishing everyone a truly magical new year!