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8 Feb

With my most recent post being about a horrible experience we had with a doctor – I thought it was only fitting to brighten things up and write about an amazing doctor and person.

When ladybug was first admitted to the hospital this past summer, the ER doctor was kind, very thorough and was open to talking about the tests he wanted to run and the results as soon as they came in.  Little did I  know that this doctor would be  looking after my princess during the first couple weeks of her stay at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Like I mentioned in Watching and Waiting everything started with ladybug having a very fast and irregular heartbeat, and the thought was that it was caused by an infection of some sort.  Then fast forward a bit and the GI bleed began.

Throughout these couple of weeks one thing remained constant and continuously gave me peace of mind; it was a doctor, the same doctor who had admitted my daughter when we were first seen in the ER.

He was always checking in on us even if he wasn’t on rounds, he pushed to have tests done that other doctors didn’t really see a need for, but quite possibly saved my daughter’s life. I often gave a little sigh of relief when I would see him walking down the hall first thing in the morning, because I knew my ladybug would be in the best hands.  One thing really stood out, and that was every morning the first words out of his mouth were always “how are you?”, it may seem like a common question but rarely got asked by the doctors during our stay. Those three words helped me feel at ease with everything else that was going on. He never seemed like he was in a rush when talking to me, always took the time to see how I was, and as soon as any x-ray or ultrasound result came back he would take me over to the computer and show me the results whether they were normal or not.

His name is Dr. Brian Levy.

I held and hold him in such a high reverence that I cried when I found out he was moving on to Labour and Delivery.  Here I was  holding everything together and keeping strong for my baby up until that point, and now crying over a doctor leaving? Maybe it was that last little straw that caused all the marbles to fly everywhere, maybe it was exhaustion, hormones, or maybe just maybe I had become so accustomed to having a caring doctor I really was upset that he was leaving us.  I even asked if he would be willing to switch from being an ER doc to being a pediatrician, sadly for us it was not his calling.

When Dr. Levy or Dr. Brian as our fav nurse and I use to call him moved on to L&D he still popped in a couple of times to see how we were, then we never saw him again.

I always wondered if he had moved on to another hospital, and if maybe one day I’d run into him on one of our regular hospital visits. All the while knowing that I wanted to somehow let him know what an incredible doctor he is.

What better way than to write this post to honor him.  The hardest part was trying to come up with a title. I decided on the word Mensch.  Mensch comes from the Yiddish and literally means “man.”  The real meaning is deeper, because, to be a Mensch means to be a “Good Man.”  The Oxford English Dictionary has an excellent definition:
In Jewish usage: a person of integrity or rectitude; a person who is morally just, honest, or honourable.  [OED]

I couldn’t think of a better title for a post about a man who to us represents what every doctor should be.  A person of integrity, honest, and honourable.

Thank you so much, Dr. Levy.