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Sunshine & Smiles

10 May

I’ve always been fascinated by the effect that sunshine has on people. On a beautiful sunny day people driving have a wee bit more patience, strangers are more apt to pass with smiles on their faces, and everyone’s spirits in general seem to be lifted.   It’s not just adults that seem to come out of their dreary winter shells when the sun comes out – children do as well.

This past Sunday we witnessed this first hand. Ladybug is typically a content little baby. I’ve noticed these past few days (all of which have been sunny out) she has become increasingly giddy and energetic.  After our annual mothers day trip to the local greenhouse, a quick stopover through the Starbucks drive-thru, and a visit with my folks, our sweet ladybug was one little bundle of smiles and giggles. While daddy was cleaning out the garage to clear room for our impending move.  I decided to take ladybug for a ride in her little red wagon. Within seconds of pulling out of the garage and onto the gravel driveway, that happiness shone brighter than the sun.

Seeing that smile took away all the mundane thoughts of having to finish packing, as well as all the upcoming doctors appointments , and reminded me of what is truly important – enjoying every second of life.  Even though at times I know we need the rain to see the rainbows, there is nothing better than having a beautiful sunny day and spending it with the people who mean the most to you.