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We’re Back!

28 Jan

I have been quite lapse in my blog postings these past few months…time just seems to fly by.

4 Years Old

On December 3rd my sweet little Ladybug celebrated her 4th birthday. It was a quiet family celebration as there were so many illnesses going around we didn’t want to risk her getting sick.

Ladybug has completed her first term of preschool. She absolutely loves going, and her classmates all adore her. I was amazed to see how fast the kids all took to Ladybug. She is certainly not short of friends.  September to November was a little rough, as Ladybug would go to school for 2 mornings then be off sick for 2 weeks. By the time the end of December rolled around she managed to stay healthy 3 weeks in a row. Huge milestone as her immune system is slowly building.

We’re in the midst of getting a communication device ordered. It’s basically a first step to enabling my princess to communicate the way I know she can.  The “switch” is like a large button that we can record words or phrases on. If we wanted to sing Old McDonald had a Farm I could record E-I-E-I-O on the switch and when it came time for that part I would give Ladybug a verbal cue that it was her turn.

It will look similar to the one in this picture.

Big MacWe’ve been able to test one out and Ladybug responded so well, we knew it was our first step on her communication journey.  She actually responded close to 100% better on music related prompts than ones with toys or games.  I guess my musical genes have been passed on to my little Ladybug – time to get that baby grand piano I’ve always dreamed of.

There is so much more to catch everyone up on, however, I’ll do it bit by bit rather than inundate everyone in one post.

I will end this by giving a little teaser and saying that you will definitely want to keep an eye out for my future posts, as there are so many exciting updates to come!