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Happy 3rd Birthday Ladybug!

3 Dec

Today my beautiful (not so) little Ladybug celebrated her 3rd birthday.DSC_0818

It was such a brilliant day for us. During an early morning trip to town several people commented on how adorable she is, then proceeded to ask “how old is she?”.  I’m not sure which filled me with more joy, watching the looks on their faces when I proudly proclaimed today she turned 3 years old. Or being able to proudly proclaim that my beautiful miracle is in fact 3 years old.

This birthday was incredibly special on so many levels.  Three was the age that Ladybug wasn’t supposed to live to be, according to some doctors. I’m happy to say that she is strong, healthy and thriving.  It also marked her “Champagne Birthday” meaning she turned 3 on the 3rd. To top it all off Ladybug got her very first haircut today. She loved every second of it and everyone at the salon treated her like the true princess she is.




I am so amazed at how far she has come and what she has achieved in these 3 years.  Her two most recent milestones include making wah-wah, guh, and the odd ma sounds, and drinking teeny tiny bits of water from a sippy cup.

Ladybug also attended her first “big girl” birthday party for her best friend who also turned 3. We had a wonderful time and Ladybug LOVED sitting at the craft table with all the other girls. I must admit it took all my strength to fight back the tears that day.  Just watching my princess do “normal” 3-year-old activities and be included was one of thee most incredible feelings I could ever imagine.