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Tis The Season

12 Oct

Tis the season……for all evil viral and bacterial bugs to pop into your system.
These past few days have been a blur – mostly caused by lack of sleep combined with the inevitable upcoming hospital admission at 03:00 this morning.
I apologize for any incomplete thoughts, spelling/grammar/auto correct errors as I’m right knackerd writing this.
Between reading posts on Facebook about how ill people are right now or just going to the local grocery, it’s not hard to figure out it’s that time of year. Runny noses, coughs, aches, fevers and so on.
For us mamas with medically fragile children as soon as October hits it becomes a waiting game.
Today was our day. Ladybug was very lethargic (sleepy) the past couple days and has had the most pitiful wimper that would break anyone’s heart. Fever started Thursday. At this point it’s only low-grade mild congestion, not a cause for concern. That is until 02:00 Friday morning when I could hear Ladybug coughing and choking, went into to check her and you could feel the heat radiating off her as soon as I picked her up. Nearly 104F (40C) temp plus very high respiratory rate.
My gut was screaming at me to follow it, so that I did and Mama and Ladybug were off to Mac Kids.
After an actual fabulous first four hours in the ER (we were the only ones there) the subsequent 7 really dragged while we waiting for a bed on one of the wards. After getting said bed, we finally relaxed only to be told that it was basically our holding cell until a different bed on the opposite side became free.
As of now I know the following:
*We have a nice room in Mac Kids
*Ladybug is on IV fluids, Ventolin Nebulizer , and Tylenol to “try” and keep fever under control
*She is stable
*The hospital no longer provides wipes for babies tooshies as they were slashed in the cut-backs
*The in hospital Starbucks closes at 4pm not 5pm.
I will update more tomorrow after some much needed sleep.