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100th Little Ladybug Hugs Blog Post Celebration!

28 Jul

This is such a monumental post for me.  It’s pretty hard to believe that 99 blog posts ago my little bug was fighting for her life in the hospital.  Starting this blog has not only been an amazing source of therapy for me, but it has also become a way to look back on all that my little girl has overcome.

Amira - Melissa 034


Over the past few months I set aside a bit of time each night to reread all 99 of my posts starting at the very first one.  It was titled Beginnings and was published on August 23, 2010. It was basically a brief background of Ladybugs grand entrance into this world, and truly was the beginning of a whirlwind roller coaster that would soon become our next 5 years.

In this time Ladybug has grown stronger, has had less hospital stays, is beginning to use sign language to communicate with us, and has become even more of a diva then she was 5 years ago.  She also became a big sister for the first time last August.  Ladybug’s not so little, little brother now weighs the exact same as she does.  (He’ll be 1-year-old on August 1st) He is walking around like a sweet gentle giant, and loves to give Ladybug snuggles.  He is also very curious about her Mic-Key button, feeding tubes and the syringes.  The great thing is that he now understands not to chew or pull on the feeding tube extensions, and as he gets older will be blessed to have a wealth of medical knowledge under his belt when he applies for med school.  Only of course if he that’s the career he wants to pursue… never know.

It is an incredibly amazing feeling to watch these two little munchkins interact with each other, and although very busy at times I couldn’t be happier.

Or could I……DSC_0669

As I mentioned earlier Ladybug became a big sister for the 1st time last August.  Well, this coming December Ladybug will be a big sister for the 2nd time and my not so little, little man will soon be a big brother.  That’s right – our family of 4 will be a fantastic family of 5 very soon, and we are all unbelievably excited for this new addition to arrive.