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The Kindness of a Stranger

27 Apr

Everyone at some point has experienced the kindness of a stranger. Perhaps you were the recipient of the Pay it Backwards coffee initiative – where the person in front of you randomly offered to pay for your coffee. Maybe it was an act of chivalry. In today’s world simple things like holding the door open or offering your seat on the bus doesn’t cost a thing but could mean the world to the person you are doing it for.

This past weekend the kindness I speak of came our way.

I received an email from a woman whom I’ve never met but had been forwarded my blog last year. She wanted to make a donation through a company she is affiliated with to help offset the current and upcoming costs for medical supplies/equipment or other things we might encounter along ladybugs journey.

I was taken aback by her kindness, warmth and generosity, in fact I barely made it through the first half of the email before beginning to cry.

Between that email and the encouraging heart-felt feedback I received after A First For Everything, I know exactly what a powerful and incredibly positive affect kindness can have.

I can’t express how much your support means to my hubby, myself, and most importantly my ladybug.

Thank you.