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1 Week Shy

2 Apr

We nearly made it the entire year without a single hospital admission. Insert fireworks and triumphant music here. There were several close calls but up until last week Ladybugs health had been fairly consistent minus the ear infections.

This past Thursday Ladybug was admitted for an upper respiratory infection and dehydration as she was spitting up feed every time she coughed.

Yesterday things were improving – fever had been gone for a few days, she was tolerating feeds at a very low continuous rate and was beginning to smile again.
This morning she is very lethargic, fever is back and she is vomiting again.

Despite my extreme frustration with the jr. residents inability to listen to what I’m trying to say without being interrupted with a “Ya, ya, ya” (I foresee a lovely little post regarding this in the near future) I’m hopeful it’s just a stomach bug she’s picked up and we’ll be out soon.

All in all things are fairly under control – she’s in isolation so we’re unable to go for walks around the ward. Cabin fever has begun to set in and I’ve organized everything from my purse to her book and toy bag to the diaper and cloth stack at the end of her crib.

Finally broke down and bought a mindless fashion mag. Nothing like reading about the 742 spring must-haves to take my mind off things.