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18 Sep

These past three months have been a whirlwind of happiness, excitement, and many firsts.

On August 1st, 2014 we welcomed a big beautiful healthy baby boy into the world. He is a dream come true and I feel beyond blessed to now have two amazing kids. Ladybug in typical diva style loves her little brother as long as it doesn’t impact her mommy or daddy snuggle time, if it does she will certainly let us know. Plus with the rate in which her baby bro is growing, it wont be long until he is giving her snuggles so I’m sure the above won’t last.

This is a picture of the two meeting for the very first time.  It was beyond sweet and Ladybugs baby bro (nickname to be determined although “tank” has been used a few times given he is nearly half her size at 7 weeks) even cried when we moved him away from her.


Ladybugs 1st day of “big girl” school was on September 3. I’m very proud to say there were no tears from Ladybug or myself that day.  The next day, however, was a different story. Watching my little princess riding away on the bus knowing that I was not going to be seeing her at school later on was bitter-sweet. I’m so beyond thrilled that Ladybug was accepted into this incredible school, and it is a fantastic opportunity for her, but…. it’s just another sign that my baby girl isn’t a baby anymore.  The school is phenomenal – have I mentioned that yet?  Her days are filled with music, art, yoga, swimming and on and on. It couldn’t be a better match for her. We’ve already received word that the music therapist is very impressed with how attentive Ladybug is during class.  I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to capture the hearts of all her teachers – I couldn’t be happier.

Here is a picture of Ladybug all excited to go on her very 1st school bus ride. She absolutely loves taking the bus.  The bus driver tells me everyday how she looks forward to seeing Ladybugs smile and hearing her laugh as they drive down the bumpy roads.



What would a 1st week at school be without the 1st school caught virus. Although it is always very difficult to watch my Ladybug battle any kind of virus this one has been particularly difficult to fight off. It started as a common cold, then became respiratory and for some strange reason has also caused many GI problems. That being said Ladybug is a strong little girl and is slowly on the road to recovery.  Looking on the bright side of everything – when Ladybug started preschool last year she only made it through the first 2 mornings before catching something. This time she made it through 3 mornings and 3 full days before getting sick.  This may seem trivial to some but to me it is a sign that her little immune system is indeed getting a tiny bit stronger.