2 Years or 24 Months?

31 Aug

In a few short days my little ladybug will be 21 months old. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I stepped onto the most crazy rollercoaster I might ever experience. I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful, vibrant, full of life, little superstar diva.

Ladybug is slowly starting to eat food orally – she especially enjoys foods she can chew. The most recent achievements have been Mum Mum rice rusks and this past week was fresh blueberries in the safety of the little Nuby Nibbler. It is fabulous, allowing her to eat without the risk of choking.

Ladybug is also beginning to grow out of her 18 month clothes. I will have to learn how to hem pants because the 24 month ones could fit an entire second child. Along with getting extended use out of clothes we will most likely get a 3rd winter out of the travel car seat.

Even though at times the setbacks of ladybugs development due to CDG can be disheartening, I take great comfort in watching all the moms chase after their toddlers who are pulling hair, hitting and ripping everything off the shelves whilst I’m snuggling and rocking my 2-year-old in my arms.

Along with these perks come the questions. Wow, look at how long her hair is – how old is she? Aww she is so cute – my grand-daughter is 6 months is yours around the same age?

Thus far I have given ladybugs age in months. For some reason no one seems to question how tiny she is when I say she is almost 21 months old. I’ve even had a clerk at a store comment on how big she was for her age. I tried with all my might not to giggle out loud, because she obviously didn’t put 2 and 2 together that my itty bitty ladybug in the travel car seat is a few months shy of being 2 years old.

For those that do pick up on her age I either get the look of puzzlement or they inquire as to why she is so little. As I’ve said time and time again I love when people ask questions. It gives me the opportunity to tell them about CDG.

Eventually I will transition to say her age in years as opposed to months, after all I can’t exactly tell people when ladybug turns 6  that she is nearly 72 months old. How crazy would that be.

For a little ladybug who defied the odds to survive past infancy it should be HUGE celebration when she reaches 2 years, and come 3 years old – look out Party Mamas.

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