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On The Board

26 Feb

For a few months I’ve been debating on how to title this post.  I love the clever use of words, and my initial thought was “3+1=4”.  Then I realized that if I use this title my phone and Facebook account would be inundated with messages of congratulations/are you pregnant?  I’ll nip that theory in the bud right now to say that I am not with child.

Not exactly that is.

Before our little Ladybug was born we were in a very unsure place about fulfilling our dreams of becoming parents.  After back to back  miscarriages I questioned whether I’d be able to carry to term.  We began to explore adoption both within Canada and around the world.  Lo and behold, shortly after I became pregnant – and against all odds gave birth to a very special little Ladybug.

The thought of having multiple children never really left and as Ladybug gets older, I’ve begun to see how much she enjoys being around children.

While looking into adoption once again we dove into a world I never thought to explore – but one that would be the perfect fit for our family.


There are so many children who need temporary loving, stable homes – I knew it was the path for us. I will be honest it has been a long….very long path to bring us here.  Nearly a year of training courses, interviews, meetings, and diving into our pasts with a fine tooth comb. Yesterday, February 25, 2013 I received the call that we are officially “On The Board”.  I’ve been yearning to hear those words for months, and couldn’t help but blast some music and dance around the house with Ladybug in celebration.

On the board means exactly that. Our names have been placed on a big board stating that we are available to take a child immediately. I’ve been preparing/child proofing our home for several months now, guest rooms have been moved around and a room fit for a princess or prince was created. I’m incredibly excited to watch Ladybug interact with her new sibling(s), and think it will be a fantastic experience for her and the children to learn about tolerance, acceptance, and love.


I also want to send a huge thank you to our family and friends who took the time to write references, watch Ladybug, and share in our journey thus far.  We are who we are because of all of you.  I especially want to thank a dear friend Nicole. Nic, I’ve known you since we were “Rockin’ Robins” and am so grateful for the guidance you’ve given and the willingness to receive numerous text messages and emails before and during the process of becoming a foster parent.  Thank you.  xoxo