Our Western Adventure with Juniper

21 Aug

Things have been pretty quiet on this page for a few months. The biggest factor was I was in full blown planning and packing mode for our summer adventure to the western USA.

It was an incredible journey that landed us and our vintage 31 foot Airstream trailer Juniper, in truly magical places.


We saw Mt. Rushmore – which was incredible. We aimed to arrive right as the parking lot opened to beat the crowds. It was a great idea as the national monument really wasn’t that busy until we were ready to leave.


Then we headed through the north and south loops of Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Teton National Park, and Mormon Row before heading north west to Missoula Montana.

I have been physically planning this holiday for 3 years – we were meant to go last year but Ladybug and her tummy had other plans.  Missoula, Montana was a must see on this journey. Not just because of it’s boho vibe and beautiful views, but because of one very special family. Ladybug was the 1st girl in the world to be diagnosed with her CDG subtype along with 2 little boys. Missoula, MT is where the 2nd girl in the world to be diagnosed with the same CDG subtype lives. They are “subtype sisters”, and it was a no brainer when heading to the western USA that we spend a few days with them. It was amazing watching the girls together and seeing first hand their similarities and differences. Our boys also hit it off right from the get-go and had a blast.

We are now home from our incredible adventure, and I’m in the lengthy process of unpacking everything! Definitely not as fun as packing it – actually that wasn’t really fun either, so I’m on the hunt for new packing suggestions.  After the first laundry run the highly organized outfit compartments were turned into a dig through the drawer and find game. I’m thinking packing cubes?!?

The highlights of the journey are on our travel FB page. We had a great time and can’t wait for next years trip. It was narrowed down between Alaska and the Southern USA – the kids picked down south so they could visit their cousins and so Ladybug could have fun at Morgans Wonderland in San Antonio – both of which are in Texas. It’s a super awesome accessible theme park built with children who have special needs in mind. Plus, I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah, Georgia so I’m adding that into the mix. Shhhh…don’t tell Daddy-o. 😉

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