Slow and Steady

17 Aug

Things are slowly getting better here – Ladybug is healing nicely from her Surgery a week ago, the incisions look impeccable, and according to the last contrast study there are no more obstructions. She does have very slow moving intestines (little to no peristalsis), so the process of getting her back on feeds will be long. The goal before she can start Pedialyte through the g-tube is for Ladybug to tolerate having her tube clamped for 24hrs.  This tests whether everything is able to move through nicely or not. Each day we add another 2 hours to the time. Today we will try 12 hrs and I’m sure she will do great. Providing everything continues to go well, Ladybug should be back on formula and out of the hospital in a couple weeks. 

Slow and steady wins the race – if this is the case Ladybug is going to smash that racing record. 

This morning we ventured to the lounge for the Wordworking with Home Depot activity. We worked together and built a fire truck to give to the 2 little monkeys at home. 

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