Wait A Little Bit Then Wait Some More

29 Jul

I haven’t really had much of an update since we were re-admitted Tuesday until now. The consensus is that Ladybug has a partial blockage, higher up in her bowels.

Yesterday she went back to have another PICC line put in, as there was no where left to poke for blood or IV’s. There is still a lot of green bilious coming out of her tummy. G-tube was hooked up to a drainage bag for the past few days to empty it. They also started to clamp the tube for 4 hours then let it drain for 1. This is done to slowly wake up the bowel and see if Ladybug can tolerate having it clamped. She did great with this – only minimal reflux. Today they are going for the gusto and will be clamping for 8 hours and draining for 1. She also started on some “lets get moving” medicine Domperidone – it is used to help get her gastrointestinal tract moving again.

The hope of all teams looking after Ladybug is that the partial obstruction will correct itself with resting the bowel and time. Monday or Tuesday she will get some more contrast put through her g-tube and go for a CT scan to see if the contrast will move nicely through the bowel or if it stops like before.

I have been doing a lot of praying, envisioning any obstructions moving through with her body healing itself, and doing a little Reiki and TT. I welcome any prayers, good moving thoughts, or distance Reiki treatments for my little bugs tummy. Neither I n’or her team of doctors want to go in and do another surgery so close to the last, unless there is no other way. I am only thinking happy thoughts of her tummy healing and us going home in the next week.

On Thursday a music therapist stopped by our room and played the guitar and sang for Ladybug. For a little girl who has been through so much this past month – this was very welcomed. Her eyes lit up as soon as she started to hear the guitar, and her entire body relaxed. A little drum was placed next to Ladybugs hand and together her and the music therapist played and sang beautiful music.

Video description: Ladybug is laying in her hospital crib with a little rectangular drum by her left hand, the music therapist is standing next to her playing the guitar.


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