Beautiful Lengths

21 Sep

Anyone who has seen Ladybug, knows that she has the most beautiful hair. Hair that is usually adorned with adorable bows. This past summer that same beautiful hair, was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

Every single morning she would wake up and her hair would be in tangles. It didn’t matter how I braided, or put it up in the evening.  Ladybug has always been great with me doing her hair -she’s had nearly 7 years practice.  However, she was not happy about the untangling every morning. Even with a “special” brush.

It was time to make the cut.  I always knew her hair was long, especially when trying to braid it, so donating it was the obvious choice.  There are a several places in Canada that we can donate to. We choose Beautiful Lengths – Pantene. Beautiful Lengths is a partnership between Pantene® and the Canadian Cancer Society®. Donating as little as 8″ of hair will go towards real-hair wigs for women with cancer.

Because my biggest little man needed a haircut too, I opted for a very child friendly salon. Ragamuffins Children Salon was the perfect fit.

Our stylist was amazing at cutting Ladybugs hair.  She took her time, talked calmly, and was very attentive. So much so that I will definitely be making the drive back next time any of my munchkins need a haircut.





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