Where did the time go?

5 Oct

I really can’t believe it’s October already.  I feel like I just announced that we’re expecting our third child and then bam I’m now 30 weeks into the pregnancy.

The past few months have been really great.  In August we went on a family road trip to the east coast.  It was a fantastic and well needed holiday.  I think I was most impressed with how well the kids did during the drive.  We were able to visit with family, made several trips to the beach, and even managed a bit of shopping in Maine.

This picture was taken at Summerville Beach – one of our favourite spots along the coastal drive down from Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Shortly after returning from our family adventure, Ladybug started her second year of school.  We were super excited to learn that she would have the same teacher as last year, my little princess adored her and I knew it would make the transition back to school an easy one.

Here is a very sleepy little bug all ready for her first day back at school.


We nearly made it 3 whole weeks before Ladybug caught her first virus.  This may not seem like a lot but last year she was out sick after only 2 weeks.  When she started preschool it was after the first week.  That right there tells me she is getting stronger.  The downside is that these crazy viruses are also becoming harder to fight off.  We managed to keep her out of the hospital this round, mostly due to being well prepared with our own suction machine, extra inhalers, and a cool mist humidifier.  Our next investment will be a nebulizer which should remove short trips to the er for Nebulizer treatments.

I’ve also now experienced the domino effect when it comes to a child getting sick. It is pretty much inevitable that siblings will also fall ill with these nasty viruses too.  My little man has been down for the count for the past week with croup and a super high fever.  Luckily I’m extremely experienced in dealing with this and we persevered through the worst of it with a lot of snuggles.  This morning his fever had broken, and although quite congested was starting to show signs of his adorable mischievous ways again.

I, (touch wood) was fighting off mild cold symptoms when Ladybug first got sick – but have managed to stay strong and healthy throughout the phlegmy, croupy epidemic.  Like I mentioned above I’m now in my 30th week of pregnancy and feel unbelievably fantastic! I’ve got less than 10 weeks to go before our newest addition arrives and as much as I’ll miss being preggers, I’m really looking forward to meeting this little one.  Now if only we could agree on a name, everything would be perfect.  We have a girls name already picked out, but suggestions for a boys name are more than welcome at this point.  🙂

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