Back at Mac

22 Jun

On Friday morning Ladybug was admitted to the local children’s hospital. She had been battling a bad chest cold for nearly a week and it just kept getting worse. She had a high fever that wouldn’t go away and a very high heart rate. Some how she ended up with pneumonia and was given a cocktail of antibiotics. 

Sunday – I wanted to thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts. The antibiotics finally have Ladybugs fever under control, and her heart rate is back down to normal. On top of the pneumonia she now has an ear infection and between the two is in a lot of pain. On the bright side she was smiling today when I suctioned her dribbles. It is now a game to see how fast she can chew the tube. 😀

Monday – At around 02:00 she had a coughing fit and couldn’t breath. This obviously freaked her out which made her cough even more. It was a vicious cycle. The RT (respiratory therapist) came in and gave epinephrine and saline via a Nebulizer. You could instantly see and hear it working. She fell back asleep and was smiling. So nice to know she’s having sweet dreams. 

This afternoon she transitioned from pedialyte to formula. Providing she tolerates the feed, doesn’t aspirate, and her blood work is clear she might get to go home in a few days. Fingers and toes crossed. 

It is not only hard seeing my princess so sick and in the hospital, it’s also tough to be away from my little monkey. I’m sure he misses his big sis and mama too. I do however have complete solace in knowing that Daddy-o is doing a fantastic job holding down the fort while we’re here. 

We’re definitely a great team. 

One Response to “Back at Mac”

  1. Krista June 22, 2015 at 9:24 pm #

    Thinking of you all Liss and sending lots of positive love and energy!!!! xoxoxo

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