Making our home accessible

22 Apr

This week has been a very busy one, and it’s only Wednesday.

On Monday Ladybug went in to be fitted for a fancy new orthotic.  It basically wears like a vest, a very soft yet sturdy and supportive vest.  It will help with her posture, head control, and hopefully with the scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine.  That’s not even the cool part.  With all the new technology out there Ladybug didn’t have to be casted for this orthotic.  Thank goodness.  Essentially Ladybug wore a netting dress and balaclava type hood and a 3D scanner just like the one below scanned her body.  I wish I had taken a picture of the data coming together on the computer screen.  You could even see a bump where her Mic-Key G-Tube was.


The nearly finished product will be created in the next couple weeks then we return for a fitting and minor adjustments.

On Tuesday we had a gentleman come in, take measurements, pictures and give ideas on what we will need to do to make our home accessible for Ladybug. Currently we wheel her wheelchair into the foyer and there it stays.  Thank goodness my little princess doesn’t weigh a ton as we carry her from room to room.  Our hope is to put in either an elevator type thing or a wheelchair lift on our stairs.  Because the house is 3 levels and Ladybug will need to access all three levels the elevator is off the table.  (Only able to make 2 stops) There is an option to put a porch lift inside and build walls around it, the huge downfall is that Ladybug will lose the majority of her therapy/relaxing room.  I liked the idea of the stair lift for her chair, however, our stairs are potentially too narrow. Which means we would have to tear out both sets of stairs, widen them, move load bearing beams, tear out ceilings, build new walls and on and on.  So now we wait for a quote for just the equipment and determine what exactly will need to be done.  He also took a look at one of our bathrooms that will become accessible.  Luckily it is a large bathroom and will be very easy to renovate.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that we will be able to do the majority of the renovations without having to gut our home or sell major organs to finance it.

Just looking at the smile on my little Ladybugs face in her new chair will make it all worth it though.


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