The Bright Side

9 Sep


For the past year I’ve struggled with friends and family having children after Ladybug was born – and then watching these children growing, crawling, walking, and talking. It’s not that I’m not happy for your children – I really am and can only imagine how amazing it must be. However, every once in a while when I’m watching these kids half of my daughter’s age walking and playing, I tend to tear up and get a little sad. Mostly because the only time I see my sweet Ladybug holding my hand walking side by side,  is when I’m fast asleep and dreaming.

That being said I have found a bright side to children 1-2 years younger than Ladybug growing at a faster rate than her.  Drum Roll……………….HAND-ME-DOWNS!

For the first time ever we were offered shoes that my cousins adorable 1-year-old daughter has grown out of. Seeing as Ladybug just grew out of her size 0 and 1 shoes this was fabulous timing.

My beautiful, nearly 3-year-old princess now weighs 19 pounds and is 26″ in length. She is certainly growing at her own rate but it seems to work for her. We will definitely need to build a shoe shelf to display the additions to her already growing shoe collection.


Now I can’t wait for my cousins little sweetheart to grow some more. I am certainly not too proud to take hand-me-downs especially when they are given with extra love.

Thank you so much M&M! It really does mean a lot to us that you would think of Ladybug. xoxo

One Response to “The Bright Side”

  1. Kristy September 10, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    It’s true, focusing on the positive is the best thing you can do…no matter how challenging that can be sometimes. Richard has taught me that time and again. I share your dreams and your tears…;) Kris

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