Health Care Hindrances

24 Feb

8+ hour waits in the ER’s, over a year wait to see specialists, even longer for MRI’s –  there is no doubt that the Ontario Ministry of Health has its flaws and like any government-run system, needs improvement.

Up until recently I’ve never really had any issues with the MOH(Ministry of Health) and how it runs our health care system aside from those mentioned. I guess I always thought that because I pay through the nose in taxes, that in turn go towards our health care system, that the majority of tests should be covered. After all I’ve been paying taxes for 15 years and shutter to think of what that amount is up to now.

Our genetic counsellor has been trying for nearly 6 months to have a particular test done for my daughter, and has been turned down again and again by the Ontario MOH. The most recent comment that was given was What difference will it make. (not an exact quote – but pretty darn close)

So I find myself now where as a Canadian citizen I never thought I’d be – writing letters to our local MP and government officials pleading our case and begging them to help.

This test may not heal my baby girl, sadly nothing can, but it may give us a peek through the window of her future. CDG is so uncertain it can be fatal to one child and then spare the next.

The mere fact that I have to beg to have this test done sickens me. Sure I could have the test done tomorrow – that is if I fork out over $10,000 to have it done. I shouldn’t have to though.

It’s not just me fighting this battle either – families everywhere are. Parents of children who have autism are fighting to keep or even get funding for therapy that could positively change their child’s life, elsewhere there are parents fighting to keep their rights and make medical decisions that they feel would be in their childs best interest.

I know I’m not alone, and at this moment all I can do is have hope and keep faith that one day hopefully in the near future I will make that woman at the Ministry of Health eat her words!

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