Itty Bitty Update

30 Sep

It’s so hard to believe that we’ve been in the hospital two months now.  The days tend to mesh into one another – half the time I never even know what day it is.

I was really hoping to have my little ladybug home by thanksgiving, however to my surprise tomorrow is October 1.  (It’s CRAZY.  What happened to August?) Unless the teams can get their butts in gear and coordinate the MRI/Echocardiogram next week I don’t think we’ll be home.  I mentioned it again today to the wee intern, that it must be done before we get discharged or I’ll form a sit in and chain myself to the crib.  He looked at me like I was joking.  I guess he’s yet to experience such a vigilant mom in his young career.

My princess is nearly up to full feeds with the new formula Neocate, everyone myself included are still very precautious but she is tolerating it quite well. (knock on wood)

This past week has been rather difficult with tests, awaiting the results, and numerous meetings with numerous doctors.  I’ve decided to take a wee little blogging break  to regroup my thoughts, and do some research to prepare for my return after the CDN Thanksgiving. (unless there is a huge update then I’ll add another little note to keep everyone in the loop)

Thank you all again for all your support.  See you soon!   xoxo

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One Response to “Itty Bitty Update”

  1. Lynn and Don October 8, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

    Hi Melissa, I sure hope you get your wish to finally have her home safe and sound soon. We keep her in our thoughts everyday, and pray that she gets better. We also keep you and Ed in our thoughts as well as it is hard on the two of you as well…

    I was so happy to see that she got her first tooth yeah!
    We would like to wish you, Ed and Amira a Happpy and safe Thanksgiving!
    Love always Lynn and Don xoxox

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