Exemplary Employers

26 Aug

It was a rather quiet day at the hospital.  Most of the tests were postponed until tomorrow, hemoglobin levels seemed to play the yo-yo game, but still managed to stay above 80. Anything less requires another transfusion.

As I’m sitting here winding down from the day, I’ve quickly realised that my body is exhausted.  My mind, however, seems to be trapped in a chaotic labyrinth of the unknown medical world.  I’m still trying to make sense of everything that has taken over our lives these past three weeks.    I know one day we will be able to figure out which syndrome, disorder or whatever, that can tie everything together.

Thank goodness for my two fantastic co-workers who rescued me from the land of hypsarrhthmia, brovics and diaper examinations today. These two ladies not only brought me lunch, but for an hour took me away from my hectic day so I could unwind.  Can you believe that I actually thoroughly enjoyed talking about work and everything that had been going on since I’ve been gone.  Crazy I know.  🙂

My hubby’s company has also been so supportive through out everything.  Esepcially the owner and his wife.   Even throughout my miscarriages they always let me know that they were praying for us and if we ever needed anything all we had to do was ask.

In fact the other day I came home and saw a beautiful bag sitting on our front porch with a card signed from all the office employees, in the bag the bag was a musical teddy bear and some clothes for our little princess.

This is what makes a company exceptional – the way they treat their employees throughout the good and bad times.  Dropping by the hospital to bring my lunch and visit for a bit, just so I can escape, if only for a few minutes.  Sending a beautiful care package with an adorable wind up teddy bear, and calling just to let us know that they are thinking and praying for our daughter.  These are the things that help us get through the tough times.

Thank you KC for all of your support, kind thoughts, and prayers throughout everything.

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